Why haven't I received a tracking email?

If your signup or renewal was processed before our cutoff, your subscription will include that month's crate. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, you should receive your tracking notification email each month. If you have not yet received your tracking email, please log into your user account and verify that the contact information is correct for your account.If the email address is correct, please double check your spam folder as the tracking email might have been caught in that filter. Your user account will also show your current tracking information.

Log into your user account and click the section "Manage Account." You should see any active subscriptions you have highlighted in green. See the example account below:

You will then want to click the section labeled "Order & Tracking." Here, you will be able to view any tracking numbers available for your subscription. 

Find the month that you want to download, and you can click the tracking number highlighted on the right. 

This information will be updated monthly once the tracking number is available. If you find you are still unable to locate your tracking information, please contact our support team and be sure to provide your shipping name in your request so we can assist in locating your tracking information.

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